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Looking for the center of attention for your nautical theme? Or a perfect addition to your Steam Punk concept? Whatever the case, at Big Ship Salvage, our unique Engine order telegraphs, authentic ship’s compasses, and binnacles can be great conversation pieces. After all, who can resist putting their hand on one of these authentic engine order telegraphs?  Most of all, it’s an awesome feeling when you are in complete control of the ship when you move the handle to full speed!

The engine order telegraph is often referred to simply as a telegraph on the bridge of the ship. It is the instrument used to communicate the captain’s orders with the men in the engine room below.  Ships can have more than one telegraph on board and usually sounded bells that allowed the ship’s captain, the engine room, and the bridge to be in alignment with the captain’s orders.

We stock a great selection of authentic ship’s compasses as well. These liquid filled compasses were used less and less with the introduction of GPS.  In addition, these intact compasses are in great condition making ours is a rarity and a perfect addition to any nautical or coastal theme.

If you are into history, or looking for something specific, we have a rare range of products from the Tokimec magnetic compass, to the World War II era Lionel Binnacle. Indeed, a Lionel Binnacle!  During the World War II, they suspended making the toy trains they were famous for, and produced ship parts much needed for our military.

From robust options, to table top concepts, you can finally bring your nautical décor to life with one of our Engine Order Telegraphs or Authentic Ship’s Compasses!

Big Ship Salvage offers an array of nautical and marine pieces to transform your project or design, both indoor and out. Although new items arrive daily, any of these ship’s compasses, binnacles, and telegraphs are quite unique, if you have questions about any of these items, please call us at 574-870-1571, 7 days per week 8 a.m to 9 p.m. est.

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