Post Mounted Nautical Lights : P6

We offer a great selection of post mounted nautical lights that are solid brass. Marine lighting fixtures of this design make excellent dock lights.
All of our vintage nautical lights come with all new wiring at no extra charge. Wait, did you understand what I just said?  That is right, all of our lights have a new UL-Listed bulb socket. We also install a THHN ground wire for wet location use on all of our lights. All of the wiring exits the lights from inside the base, so you never see the wiring when installed.
Our post mounted nautical lights can also be mounted upside down to the ceiling. Using these vintage nautical lights mounted to the ceiling can give your entryway or foyer a stunning nautical look.
Most authentic nautical lights of this design have a thick Fresnel lens. The Fresnel lens displaces the illumination in many different directions.

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