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How to Find Authentic Nautical Lights

When you are searching for authentic nautical lights it can be difficult to find them. Nautical lights cannot be found in a typical department store. In fact the only way to make sure they are authentic is by using the services of an online salvage company and retailer with experience in purchasing these items for […]

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Maritime Antiques: Brass Portholes

Maritime Antiques: Brass Portholes
If you are searching for antiques of the maritime variety then it is important that you know more about the most common ones you will find. One of the most common types of maritime antiques that you can shop for are brass portholes. A porthole is a round window that is used […]

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Signs You Have Found a Valuable Nautical Antique

Signs You Have Found a Valuable Nautical Antique
If you are going to put a great deal of money into purchasing nautical antiques then you need to know when you have found something truly valuable. While value is not important to all nautical antique collectors, it is extremely important to others. Antiques have a better chances […]

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