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Date: Oct, 25th, 2022

Big Ship Salvage was down in Georgetown, South Carolina last weekend for the 33rd Annual Wooden Boat Show. This is always a great show to attend and this year was no different! The crowd was full and the weather was perfect for a southern Fall weekend. Many of our previous customers stopped by again to say hello and share how they’ve used their lights. One couple, even invited us to their bar to check the lighting out ourselves! We obliged and took some pictures in between enjoying the fine drinks and food by Between The Antlers.

Next year’s show will be October 21-22, 2023. https://woodenboatshow.com/

Date: Oct, 6th, 2022

“Founded by brothers and lifelong sailors, Alex and Miles Pincus, Crew is an innovative hospitality group that creates and operates experience focused restaurants and maritime ventures.” Alex and Miles have been working with Big Ship Salvage for several years now. They began their business ventures in 2006 with a sailing camp for kids while also providing sailing lessons for adults and occasional sailboat charters. Seeing how much fun everyone had on their boats, traveling up and down the Hudson gave the brothers an idea that changed the course of their life. They opened up the Grand Banks, the Pilot, and eventually four other maritime themed restaurants. All of a sudden, they were providing one of the most unique dining experiences that anyone could have in New York City. Full service dining, on a boat, while taking in the view of the New York skyline. Articles from Forbes, the Times, and critically acclaimed foodie review websites began pouring in.

The Pincus brothers have purchased post lights, portholes, bells, wall sconces and much more from us. If you ever have a chance, be sure to stop by one of their beautiful restaurants.

Crew Restaurants

Grand Banks
Drift In
Island Oyster

Full Blog Post – Click Here

Date: Sep, 21st, 2022

We’ve been looking forward to seeing Top Gun 2 for many years now. After the movie release had numerous delays, Jim took the Big Ship Salvage team to the theater to watch the film. We had to try to keep our excitement to a respectable level when we saw our lights on the big screen. Everything from the action to the plotline to the set decoration, the movie was astounding. We’re happy to share with you some still shots from the film.

Without spoilers, our lights are used on the porch of Penny Benjamin and in the bar that Penny owns.

Date: Aug, 17th, 2022

A few months ago, we received a media request for a feature in a story on kitchens for the upcoming August 2022 Country Living Magazine. They wanted a picture of our two small brass marine wall lights as well as the price + web link. We responded promptly with the requested information and then went about our business. Last night we received an order for the exact lights that were featured but we didn’t think anything of it. When speaking with the customer this morning, she told us that she came directly from the August issue of Country Living Magazine. If you happen to see the magazine, be sure to flip through and read through that kitchen story!

Date: Aug, 10th, 2022

Big Ship Salvage made it’s way out to Rockland, Maine for the 75th iteration of the Maine Lobster Festival. This even started out as a local marine festival to revive their midcoastal Maine community but turned into an internationally recognized celebration of Maine seafood. This is one of those festivals where there truly is something for everyone. The children are able to participate in races, events and arts/crafts, while the parents are able to indulge in a variety of lobster based dishes. Of course, individual vendors sold their own food but the featured lobster meal was a lobster dinner, presented by the festival itself.

We were located over in the marine tent with a handful of other nautically themed vendors. Everything from pendant lights to fishing floats, we had it all at the lobster festival. We really got to experience the international aspect of the event firsthand as we met with people from all over the country! We even had a visit from Neptune himself! A handful of visitors were people who had been to the website but wanted to stop by and see the items in person. Some customers walked away with their items while others had them shipped directly to their house. For anyone whose read this far, you can use code “lobster” for 10% off your next order. We look forward to going back to this show next year!

Date: Jul, 28th, 2022

A gentleman reached out to us earlier this year to inquire if we were interested in liberty hatch doors. Of course, that grabbed our interest, but the problem with these doors is that they’re too large to ship normally. Freight shipping would be unprofitable for a single hatch door. We kept talking to the man and learned that he actually had 10 of them, stacked up in his barn alongside a few completed tables. At this point, we knew that we had to go out and see them. There were only about 200 Victory ships while 1,000 WWII Liberty Ships were made.  Each Victory Ship had 500 hatch doors to provide access to cargo areas, while each Liberty Ship had 500 hatch covers. We couldn’t miss out on this chance for some great historical salvage pieces. We packed up our truck and trailer and headed out the next week.

We were lucky enough to fit in another purchase during this trip and traveled to a suburb south of Chicago to purchase a binnacle, anchor, and a few other nautical antiques. After that stop, we headed north of Chicago to meet our new friends at the barn. As we got closer, it was evident that we were really in the middle-of-nowhere. It’s funny to think about how your perception of that phrase changes once you travel somewhere else. I thought I knew middle-of-nowhere being from Ohio, but Illinois middle-of-nowhere brought the phrase another meaning.

We pulled into the parking lot and met with the gentleman, who told us that this collection was passed down to him from his father who worked at a boat salvage yard. The son thought they were cool so he kept them, intending to eventually transform them into tables, like a few of them had been so far. Time passed and other interests took a place in his heart that the hatch tables once had. We struck a deal and loaded up the 10 liberty hatch doors as well as the various already assembled tables. We are currently selling them as-is, so that you can restore these however you see fit.. but we might be converting some of these ourselves soon.

  • ITEM #F13-04 Large Hatch Door Coffee Table
    ITEM #F13-04 Heavy Liberty Ship Hatch Cover Coffee Table
  • Liberty Ship Hatch Cover End Table-Lighter
    ITEM #F13-05A Liberty Ship Hatch Cover End Table-Lighter

Date: Jul, 22nd, 2022

Big Ship Salvage will be at Black River Landing in Lorain, Ohio this weekend for the Summer Market! Enjoy the nice weather, have some drinks, listen to some music and enjoy the sunset! While we were setting up for the show, a Great Lakes freighter named the Joseph H. Thompson was passing by, undergoing a bridge. Below is a pull quote from The Summer Market’s website, explaining the details of the event.



July 22nd from 3 to 9 pm

July 23rd from 9 am to 5 pm

Held at Black River Landing
421 Black River Lane
Lorain, Ohio 44052

The Summer Market is a unique, outdoor festival held right along the Black River in Lorain, Ohio.  Thousands of guests visit the Market each year to shop for furniture, architectural salvage, vintage finds, art & jewelry, coastal décor, fresh produce and a variety of other goods from more than 100 vendors.

Guests can grab a bite from several featured restaurants and food trucks, enjoy a cocktail by the water, enjoy some yacht rock, watch the sun set or shop in the summer sun.

The Summer Market is a fundraising event for our non-profit, Girls Give Back.  Proceeds benefit local families and organizations in need.

It is a wonderful, feel good event that should not be missed!

Oh, and bring a truck! There will be so much here you will want to take home!


Date: Jul, 8th, 2022

For the first time in several years, Cleveland is hosting it’s Tall Ships Festival this upcoming weekend, July 7th – July 10th. This four day event will feature 7 replica and restored ships, docked near the north side of the FirstEnergy Stadium. General admission is $20 and you’ll be able to step onboard the ships, walk around, take pictures, listen to music, have a drink and more! The ships that will be visiting are:

• Appledore IV
• Empire Sandy
• Inland Seas
• Nao Trinidad
• Pride of Baltimore II
• St. Lawrence II
• U.S. Brig Niagara

In addition to these travelling tall ships, there will be two local Cleveland Maritime Attractions present at the event:

• USS Cod
• William G. Mather Steamship

Date: Jul, 7th, 2022

Thanks to everyone who came out to our warehouse during our open house hours! We sold a few large items during this weekend, which saved on shipping costs for both us and the customer! We were happy to meet new and old customers, who came through to get hands on with their shopping experience. While we might have limited hours posted online, we’re always willing to schedule an appointment for you to stop by when you’re in the area! We live nearby, so it’s not a hassle to us – just give us a call!

Date: May, 25th, 2022

Brimfield Antique Show

2022 Update

We attended the May show and were featured on Martha Stewart’s blog. She stopped by the tent while we were away but she shared some pictures of our lights and talked about our tent at the show. We won’t be at the July show but we will be there for September. If there are any items that you would like to purchase and pick up at the show, order now to reserve the item, save on shipping costs and we’ll pack it with us!

2020-2021 Update

Most of the shows were canceled due to COVID concerns. We attended the few shows that happened during this time period.

2019 Update

Big Ship Salvage was on full display at the famous Brimfield Antique show in Brimfield, MA.  New owner Jim Unger spent the week showing off the new items BSS has purchased this past year.  Attendance for the July ’19 show was down a bit due to the extreme heat, but thousands still showed to the worlds largest antique show.  The Brimfield show is three times per year, May, July and September where as many as 5000 vendors set up for the week-long event.  Visitors come from around the globe to this gigantic show taking vacations just to experience the event.  The TV show, Flea Market Flip with Laura Spencer occasionally shows up with the film crew because of the huge section of antiques.  Big Ship Salvage will continue to attend the three Brimfield shows each year and showcase it’s unique nautical antiques for those that love everything nautical. The dates for 2020 have not been officially set yet. We’d love for you to come by our spot at the next Brimfield show! For more information, you can check out their website here.