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Nautical Wall Sconces and Bulkhead Lighting

If you’re looking to add a nautical theme in your home, you’ll be amazed at what salvaged antique ship lights can do for you.  Vintage ship lights will add a touch of nautical decor themed beauty and interest to any part of your home.
These bronze and brass nautical wall sconces and bulkhead lights can be added to porches, garages, living rooms and even kitchens. These lights look great both indoors and out and add to any coastal decor.   We offer many styles of brass nautical sconces and bulkhead lights and all are rewired  with a brand new UL listed socket and wiring harness.

Our Nautical Wall Sconces and Passageway Lighting has been salvaged from big ships that have sailed the great lakes and the seven seas. Most antiques are made out of brass, especially things like ship lights that were once used for nautical purposes because of their durability.  Some lights may also use copper in some form as part of the light, which again ages well and looks timeless. Whether you want them to have a patina, or you want them to shine bright forever, we leave them without a clear coat so you have that choice!

Here at Big Ship Salvage the Nautical Wall Sconces and Passageway Lighting we sell will keep their beauty and vintage charm for decades!  If you are looking for nautical antique or vintage lights, we have the largest selection you will find.

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