P1: Nautical Wall Sconces and Passageway Lighting

Salvaged Nautical Lighting
If you’re looking to add a nautical theme in your home, you’ll be amazed at what salvaged ship lights can do for you. You can add ship lights to your home to add a touch of maritime-themed beauty and interest to any room.
These ship lights can be added to porches, dens, living rooms and even kitchens. It is important to keep your ship lights in good shape so that they sparkle and last a very long time, even if they are older. They are also great to use for passageway or outdoor lighting. We offer many styles of nautical sconces and lighting that come with brand new wiring.
Brass Lighting
Our brass lighting has been salvaged from large vessels and are completely authentic. Most antiques are made out of brass, especially things like ship lights that were once used for nautical purposes because of their durability.

In order for the brass to look its best, it is important that you take the time to care for it. You can care for brass by incorporating a wide range of different mixtures to keep the brass as clean as possible. Things like vinegar and salt water clean brass beautifully. Some people also find that white vinegar and warm water gets their brass and ship lights looking their best. It is very crucial that you use the right mixture for cleaning so make sure to do your research beforehand.

You also have the option of using commercial products instead of homemade ingredients to clean your brass lighting. There are commercial products that you can buy that are made specifically for cleaning brass, That option may be more expensive than homemade ingredients, but also more convenient because you don’t need to mix ingredients yourself.

You should clean the brass as often as you feel it needs it, but not too often — many people make the mistake of cleaning their brass too often, which can actually damage the brass. This is why you will want to consider cleaning it only if you notice it is dull-looking or is tarnished in any way.

With proper care, the brass ship lights we sell will keep their beauty and vintage charm for decades! Purchase your unique salvaged lighting from Big Ship Salvage! Our inventory is shipped directly from our warehouse so you can feel confident knowing that you are receiving authentic items.

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