Nautical Wall Sconces and Passageway Lighting

We’ve cornered the market when it comes to authentic nautical wall sconces and passageway lighting!  Hence, authentic nautical lighting just can’t be found at the local hardware store. Our  brass light fixtures have been salvaged from the decks of real working vessels. Turning authentic salvaged ship lights into real working lights is what we do best.  Furthermore, our finished products end up being some of the most attractive interior coastal themed lights you can find.

Salvaged nautical lighting can be used for dock lights, patio lighting, and even interior kitchen lights. All of our  vintage marine light fixtures come with new wiring. Every electrical component we install in a salvage nautical light is UL-Listed.  In addition, we install new UL-Listed bulb sockets in every light. The new 18/2 lamp wire is UL-Listed and the ground wire is stamped THHN for wet location use.  We never charge extra for wiring!!

And, design companies around the world looking to create perfect beach house lighting come to Big Ship Salvage for their lighting projects. In conclusion, our inventory is shipped direct from our warehouse, not a third party supplier.

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