Nautical Antiques

Come on in and have a look around! Our selection of authentic nautical antique gifts and collectibles range from colorful, vessel-used signal flags to deck hardware.
Deck hardware, cannons, furnishings, signal flags, water tight door wheels, clocks, air horns, and more nautical artifacts can be found in this category. We have items for new collectors and the most advanced nautical collectors as well.
Finding real salvaged nautical antiques is a full time job for us, and we enjoy it. From time to time we find elusive and rare dive helmets to large windmill anemometers  on our various treasure hunts.
Today you may be looking for that perfect decorative nautical item to give your home or office that coastal living look. Also, some of our vintage lights could be the perfect way to light up your nautical antique collection!
Additionally, if you are looking for that perfect gift for the nautical collector, we probably have it!

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