Nautical Antiques & Authentic Maritime Decor : P4

The term Nautical Antiques encompasses many related items.  As you will see in this category, there is everything from ship anchors, brass binnacles, ship bells and engine order telegraphs.  Also included are authentic ship ladders, ship wheels, ship clocks, nautical table lamps and much more.

Whether you are new to nautical antiques looking to add a few pieces to your coastal theme for a den or kitchen, or the avid maritime salvage hunter looking to add large centerpiece additions to your collection such as brass compensating binnacles or authentic brass ship wheels this is your place.  Copper, brass, aluminum or a combination of metals can be found here in pieces salvaged from working ships that have crossed the seven seas or the great lakes.

Adding a touch of nautical coastal decor to your home or office will enhance the look and feel of any area.  Big Ship Salvage has items for both inside and outside use.  All lights are rewired with UL listed  sockets and wiring harnesses that include ground wires for wet conditions.  Our antiques will be the focal point of your renovation and make all your neighbors a little jealous!  Put a little Nauti in your life with items from Big Ship Salvage.

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