Nautical Décor for Home, Business, TV and Movies

Throughout our years working in the authentic salvage and nautical lighting industry, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with incredibly talented people on commercial/entertainment projects. While some of those clients have asked to remain private, these are some of the public places that you find our products in the real world. Spanning from vacation home in Australia to a cozy bar in Boston – Big Ship Salvage products can be found in a variety of settings. We’re most likely to be found in nautical/eclectic themed waterfront restaurants – keep an eye out for these businesses next time you’re out travelling! While you’re planning your next trip, you can always look for our items in a movie or television show! Many HBO and Netflix shows reach out to us because they’re searching for salvaged period-specific items and authentic nautical décor. Some of these shows don’t make it past the pilot episode while others are thriving in their third or fourth season! Keep an eye out in the bar or on the porch of the beach house in Top Gun 2: Maverick for our nautical lights! We’re always over the moon to see our salvaged nautical lights being used in such a delightful way. If you’re considering creating the perfect nautical look for your own home, you might be able to reach out to one of the interior designers who’ve worked with us in the past. We work with many design agencies, both small and large, on residential and commercial projects. We will continue to add interior designers/architecture firms as they reach out to be added here.

If you would like your business featured on our page, shoot us an email with your information and a photo of our item!

What is Nautical Décor? How Is It Different From Coastal Décor?

Nautical décor and coastal décor both celebrate the ocean and aquatic life. The difference is that nautical styles focus on human interventions like boats, ships and all the accessories that went into their operation. Coastal décor more often incorporates natural elements such as fish, sand and natural elements.

The Typical Elements of Nautical Décor

The texture of hemp rope in decorative rope designs, the bright look of nautical flags, the shiny wood finish of a ship’s helm, or the bright look of brass passageway lights – each design element in nautical décor adds not only history but beauty to any room. Whether you are looking for maritime antiques for restaurant décor, private homes or a beach house rental, waterfront resort or vacation home, nautical antiques salvaged from working ships bring an air of authenticity and history wherever they are displayed. 

Authentic, Nautical Lights for Your Bar or Restaurant

With the many types of nautical lighting, it’s easy to add authentic nautical light fixtures to your décor. Vintage pendant or bulkhead lights can make a great addition to your waterfront bar and restaurant. 

Shop With Big Ship Salvage Today

If you’re looking for commercial bar decor ideas and have a nautical theme in mind, Big Ship Salvage has plenty of items that fit your design aesthetic! Our authentic nautical antiques are not only ideal for a variety of businesses and private homes, but have been featured in many movies and television shows. Shop with us and come up with your own original design using real maritime antiques.

Movies / Television


Transformers Movie(2004)


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Outer Banks (2020)


Deadliest Catch (2005)

Watchmen (2019)

LoveCraft Country (2020)

Perfect Harmony (2019)

The Right Stuff (2020)

Restaurants / Bars

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Grand Banks (aboard the Sherman Zwicker, on the Hudson River in Tribeca, New York City)

Drift In (Hudson River Park’s Pier 45, between Christopher St. and West 10th St)

“Drift In is an outdoor, waterfront hangout in the West Village

The Chimes (3357 Highland Rd, Baton Rouge, LA)

Saints and Strangers (404 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA)

Mission Ceviche (1400 2nd Ave, New York, NY)

Thee Fisherman’s Wharf (formerly I-5s) (356 Main St, Huron, OH)
• Phat Eatery (Katy, TX)

Hotels / Resorts / Vacation Homes

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JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort

The Barellen House (18 Ocean Drive, Safety Beach, NSW 2456, Australia)

Interior Design / Architecture

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Ken Fulk (

Saints and Strangers
Mary Heaton Vorse House


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Hendrick’s Gin Grand Garnisher
Fireboat Firefighter Museum
The Boat House
Nautical History Gallery + Museum