Nautical Décor and Lighting for Restaurants

Stranger and Saints Restaurant and Bar – Provincetown, MA

If you own a seafood restaurant or have an eatery on an island or in a beach town, nautical décor is a fantastic option. When done right, it pays homage to the rich history of the maritime world, its incredible stories and lore, and the ships that brave the oceans and Great Lakes. Let’s explore more about nautical décor for restaurants.

What Is a Nautical Decorating Style?

A nautical decorating style emphasizes the beauty and strength of the maritime way of life. It can consist of elements of a boat or ship, such as a wheel or anchor, or it might even be a boat itself, depending on its size. Put oars on a wall of the restaurant and a rowboat on the side for photo ops and you’re already on the way to featuring nautical-themed décor. 

What Is the Difference Between Coastal and Nautical Decor?

Coastal and nautical décor are both tied to the ocean but in different ways. Man-made ships and boats and all their parts are aspects of nautical décor, which tends to feature white and bold hues like red and navy blue. The heart of coastal décor is anything natural you would find along a shoreline or in the water, with soft colors ranging from seafoam green to taupe. For example, a side shell of a ship would be visible in a nautical-themed painting, while a jar of seashells on the check-out counter would be part of coastal décor. 

What Are the Elements of Nautical Interior Design?

Walk through a ship and you’re surrounded by elements of nautical interior design. From the anchor underneath to the portholes on the sides to the flag on the gaff, images of these ship components or the actual pieces themselves are part of this decorating style. Adding real maritime antiques is a great way to emphasize this theme as well as adding beauty to your restaurant in the form of polished brass, copper, stainless steel and aluminum fixtures.

The Corner Tavern – Georgetown, SC

Which Nautical Lighting Options Work for a Restaurant? 

Many nautical lighting options are ideal for use in a restaurant or bar with a nautical theme. One of the main ways to determine which choices are best is to figure out where you need the lighting. For instance, pendant lights can hang down from a ceiling in a line over a bar, or in a scattered-yet-strategic formation over the tables, while you might want to put a nautical flush-mounted ceiling light in the foyer or above a hostess stand. Wall sconces and brass passageway lights are a great source of ambient light, especially when they line each wall of the dining area. 

What Outdoor Nautical Décor Can I Use at a Restaurant?

Nautical décor is often an excellent option as outdoor décor at a restaurant because it can handle inclement weather, salt water and heavy use. Salvaged pieces are refinished, cleaned up and/or rewired to maintain their beauty and ensure their safe use.

If you want to put nautical décor outside a restaurant, large, heavy options like anchors and propellers are ideal. Placed by the entrance, these pieces capture the attention and interest of people passing by and can help lure in more customers. Items designed for hanging, such as bells and light fixtures, would look perfect in the entryway to greet guests as they walk in. Ship wheels and life rings can make excellent décor to adhere to the exterior wall of the building.

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