Salvaged Nautical Ceiling Lights : P3

Nautical ceiling light fixtures can take many different shapes and here at Big Ship Salvage, we have a wide variety of them for you. Whether you’re looking for a flush mounted ceiling light or a hanging ceiling light, you’ve come to the right website. We have brass, copper, and aluminum ceiling lights in stock. All our lights have been rewired with UL certified parts so that you can easily install these once they arrive.

It’s never too soon to prepare for Beach Season! Prepare your place for loved ones. Here you will discover nautical style for each room in your beach front home, including the room, kitchen, and your yard. Our collection of coastal stylistic theme and lighting ranges from straightforward nautical light installations that are suggestive of the marine decor to enormous brass ceiling lights for a beach front vibe. From simple updates like nautical table lights and coastal décor, to entire room makeovers, we have quality lighting and décor that will fulfill the project you are working on, so you are set up to have this current summer’s good times.

The materials that are used for these vintage marine nautical lights are generally made to last a lifetime under tough working conditions, so buying these nautical ceiling lights is different from buying lighting at big-box stores. These lights were made to be able to withstand saltwater conditions. That makes them very durable if being used for dock or ship lighting, but they can also be used as decorative lighting in your home to add interest and underscore your maritime theme. Redecorate your beach house with reclaimed brass ceiling lights. These vintage nautical ceiling lights will look great in your kitchen, bathroom, or hallway.

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