Authentic Ships Helms

Big Ship Salvage has owned a number of salvaged wooden and/or brass ships wheels over the years of working in this industry. Whether it’s a small vintage wooden ferry ships wheel or it’s a gigantic iron steamship’s wheel – we’ve seen it all. These items are rare to come by but sometimes we’re able to find an entire steering station instead of just the wheel – which is always a cool find. We don’t always have ship’s wheels in stock but we wanted to create this page for you to look at our previous stock and to add your contact information so that we can let you know when we have more.

Decorating With Authentic Ship Helms

With the popularity of coastal or nautical decor, authentic ship wheels are becoming increasingly rare. Whether you’re looking for large cast iron antique ship wheels or small antique wooden ship wheels, nautical antiques are in demand and hard to find. That’s why Big Ship Salvage is always on the lookout for antique ship wheels to complement your maritime decor.

Original salvaged ship helms can be fascinating conversation starters as well as a beautiful piece of nautical art. These antique items are often attached to a pedestal or gear stand and are sure to add a classic taste of class to your home or office. Add a nautical touch, vintage decor, and warmth to your coastal-style home with nautical antiques such as a brass, iron or wooden maritime wheel. 

Different Types of Ship’s Wheel/Different Materials Used

Nautical helms come in multiple materials and sizes. Since they were made for life on the open seas or the Great Lakes, a vintage ship wheel is almost always made from durable materials that have weathered beautifully. Some ships’ wheels are crafted from solid wood with intricate carvings or with brass fittings. The shiny wood finish on authentic wooden ships wheels gives them a warm glow that you could never get from a reproduction piece.

Other ship wheels are created from solid and robust metals, including brass, cast iron or steel. Brass ship wheels’ durability and timeless nature make them last for years, looking fresh and attractive. 

Our authentic ships wheels are in vintage condition, meaning that they may have slight imperfections from their previous life on a working boat or ship. However, we at Big Ship Salvage feel that that just adds to their charm as a decorative piece.

Ship Wheels In Stock Today

  • Ferryboat Wooden Ships Wheel
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Ship Wheels We’ve Sold Previously

Are you looking for a wheel?

As you can tell, it’s difficult to find ship’s wheels or steering stations these days. Every time that we get our hands on one, a customer comes in and purchases it almost immediately! If you’re in search of a salvaged or decorative ship’s wheel – please fill out this short contact form and describe what you’re looking for. The section above shows some of our ship wheels that we’ve sold in the past – you can use that to help describe the wheel you are searching for.

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