Authentic Navigation Lights & Oil Burning Lanterns : P10

Marine & Nautical authentic navigation lights are also known as running or position lights. Ship navigation lights primary purpose is to alert other vessels of your position to avoid collisions. These amazing lights are required on all ships. To understand navigation lights, remember they can be divided into 4 different types of lights: Port, Starboard, Masthead and Stern lights. Boat port and starboard lights are located at the bow (front). Colored lights are always sidelights and the different color indicates the side. Red lights are located portside, and green are starboard. The lights shine from dead ahead to 112.5º aft on either side of the vessel. For boats less than 39.4 feet, the visible range should be 1 mile; for those boat longer than 39.4 feet, it should be visible 2 miles.
The masthead and sternlight are both clear lights that together provide 360 of visible light. The masthead is typically located near the bow of the boat it must provide at least 225 degrees of light. The sternlight must provide at least 135 degrees of light. Another light associated with the stern light is an anchor light. Anchor lights are used while the vessel is anchored and must shine 360 degrees of Light.
Port and starboard ship lanterns were used prior to vessels being fitted with electricity. Some small vessels still use these. Companies such as Tung Woo and Perko made a variety of antique marine oil lamps. These lantern style lights are fantastic additions to any nautical theme, or can be the focal point of your new stylistic coastal project.
Authentic navigation lights will typically be a little bigger than most other nautical ship lights. Therefore, many of these salvaged ship lights work as repurposed dock lights or post lights. Insert some real character by adding vintage port and starboard lights at the end of driveways, entrance ways, decks or porches, and garages.  These vintage boat running lights can also be used as interior nautical lights. In addition, we have customized some navigation lights to have lamp cords attached to perch on a desk or table. Contact us If you would like any of our navigation lights customized.
All of our salvaged ship lights have been rewired and are ready to install!  Check out our selection of authentic navigation lights. Our goal is to ship your items within 1-2 business days of purchase. Custom orders may have a longer processing time.
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