Authentic Navigation Lights

Authentic navigation lights will typically be a little bigger than most other nautical ship lights. Therefore, many of these salvaged ship lights end up as dock lights or post lights.  Also, they can be used as interior nautical lights.  In addition, there are some navigation lights that have lamp cords attached to perch on a desk or table.
Most captains and deck workers will tell you that navigating lights can be broken down in to four different types of marine lights. Port and Starboard navigation lights have colorful red and green lenses that we most identify with.
Masthead lights and Anchor lights are the next two types of lights. Anchor lights have a clear lens and will shine in a 360 degree radius. Masthead lights will only shine in a 180 degree radius.
All of our salvaged ship lights have been rewired and are ready to install!  Check out our selection of authentic navigation lights.

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