Authentic Nautical Flags : P17

Authentic nautical flags can make a colorful addition to your nautical décor! Our flags have been recovered from the decks of real working vessels. They were used for the ships to communicate with each other.  Also, a ship could communicate to shore with flags.  In addition, flags could have been used alone or in combinations of flags.
A sailing vessel would also have had their country’s flag flying to identify themselves to other vessels.
Flags are very colorful and come in various sizes as well. In addition, they are usually larger than flags seen in souvenir and gift shops.
Our authentic nautical flags can be used to spell your family name, first name, or even initials.  Our flags are mostly made of a cloth material but some are nylon.  They usually are marked with the letter or country they represent.
We have a huge selection of letter flags, number flags, and country flags!  Take a look around!  If you don’t see the one you want, call us as we have a few thousand we have not opened yet.  In addition – we have a huge inventory of ceiling lights, dock lights, and other treasures!!
To place an order, we have a simple checkout system, you can call us at 574-870-1571 or send us an email.

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