Pendant Light Ideas

Many people have asked us how they would utilize our brass and copper pendant lights in their homes or businesses. Vintage copper pendant lights are utilized in various different ways. While we’ve seen customers install these lights in their kitchens, bathrooms, porches, and restaurants – we certainly haven’t reached the limit of creative installations of vintage pendant lights. Kitchen Pendant Lights are one of the categories we receive the most inquiries about. Further down the page, we have an example of how you might use our lights as pendant lights. Oftentimes, ceiling lights are hung with chains as pendant lights.

Waterfront home in Maine

For example, take a look at the wonderful decoration that Strangers and Saints has put up at their bar and restaurant. Strangers and Saints is located in the coastal town of Provincetown, MA. All of the vintage brass pendant lights that are hanging above the bar in the picture below are salvaged nautical lights. This bar utilizes several styles of pendant/ceiling lights that are hanging by chain above the customers.

Here’s another great example of how our customers are using vintage brass ceiling lights as pendant lights in their residential nautical homes.

Residential Home in Maryland

Traditional brass pendant lights are often used for restaurant designs. One recent restaurant that used our antique lights is The Chimes in Baton Rouge, LA. While this picture is before the establishment was up and running, you can get a good feel for the aesthetic they are trying to foster with the installation of these large antique pendant lights.

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