Brass Propellers and Anchor Chains

Nautical artwork can entail all kinds of mediums.  We have a large selection of paddles, painted fish art, and carved fish pieces in stock.
First, we have our hand painted paddles.  These are fine quality wooden paddles.  We gave each one a one-of-a-kind paint job.  The colors or patterns do not mean anything in particular.  These paddles make a nice nautical artwork related display, whether it’s one paddle or several.  In addition, they make great decorator pieces in a kid’s room.
Next we have our beautiful pen and ink drawings on wood by the very talented Russ Orme.  The detail in his pieces is fantastic!  Also, we have giclee prints of fish on canvas, framed in reclaimed barn wood.
And finally, there are some carved fish in wood that are very attractive.
In conclusion, if you’ve selected your nautical lights, dock lights, or interior marine lighting, now it’s time to get some nautical artwork up on your home’s walls to tie it all together!

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