Brass Propellers and Anchor Chains : P19

Here at Big Ship Salvage, we carry many different ship propellers – brass, bronze, and Nibral. These propellers come in a wide range of sizes – some of them being as small as 12″ and others being as large as 25″. These propellers can have either 3 or 4 blades, all with varying degrees of pitch.

We take all measurements and transcribe anything engraved onto the propeller into the listing. Not sure how you’d display a prop like these? No worries! We now have wooden display stands that you can purchase so that you can easily and quickly show off your new decorative piece.

Not looking for a ship propeller? Maybe you’ll have a use for our anchor chain! We have anchor chain from all different types of ships. Small anchor chain links can be cut into any length you desire. We have some lee-way to make longish links of our medium sized anchor chain too. Reach out to us and get the anchor chain length that you are looking for!

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