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Salvaged Vintage Suez Canal Searchlight



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Check out this listing for a Salvaged Vintage Suez Canal Searchlight, manufactured by the Sanshin Dengu company in Japan. This is a unique piece because it has its original stand with it. These were made specifically for ships that transit the Suez Canal.

We have left this searchlight with its original components. We have not tested it for its ability to operate.

What is a Suez Canal Light?

A Suez Canal searchlight is a powerful artificial light used to illuminate and navigate ships through the Suez Canal at night. The Suez Canal is a critical shipping route that connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea and provides a shortcut for ships traveling between Europe and Asia. The canal is approximately 120 miles long and takes around 18 hours to traverse, so ships often need to navigate through it at night.

To help ships navigate safely through the canal, powerful searchlights are used to illuminate the waterway, particularly at critical junctions, to help captains see where they are going and avoid collisions with other ships or canal infrastructure. These searchlights are typically mounted on tall structures or ships stationed along the canal and can be adjusted to provide focused or wide-angle illumination as needed.


Height: 6′
Width: 31″
Length: 23″
Glass Diameter: 22″
Base Diameter: 18″
Weight: 137 lbs.


Unwired – left with original components.

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