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Vintage VEB Schiffslaternenwerk Galvanized Fresnel Lens Running Light

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This is a Versatile Vintage VEB Schiffslaternenwerk Galvanized Fresnel Lens Running Light. This light was produced by VEB Schiffslaternenwerk Ueckermünde made in GDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik). VEB is a state-owned workplace or establishment during Cold War-era East Germany. The GDR, now known as East Germany, existed from 1949 to 1990 – occupied by Soviet forces and ruled under communist/socialist regimes. The top brass plates read: “VEB Schiffslaternenwerk Ueckermünde-Made in GDR Deutsche Demokratische Republik” and “Vollkreis rot Nr 74816 ”

This German Running is primarily made of galvanized steel with some brass accents. The light has a clear Fresnel lens that spans 360 degrees, allowing the light to go in all directions. They are in overall good condition with possible chips and scratches on the lenses. It has the original base with three legs. You can set this light directly on a post, or hang it by a chain down from the loops on the top and bottom sides.

Another great nautical light to add to your collection!


Height: 13″ (with handle)
Height: 12″ (without handle)
Diameter: 9.5″
Weight: 15 lbs.


We have installed new UL-Listed porcelain sockets rated to work with any voltage under 250 volts. The bulb holder uses a medium base bulb of 75 watts or less. To access the bulb holder loosen two of the thumbscrews and lift the top.

You will be shipped a Vintage VEB Schiffslaternenwerk Galvanized Fresnel Lens Running Light like shown in the photos.

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