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Pair of Vintage Brass Oil Lanterns by Eli Griffith & Sons




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Introducing a captivating Pair of Vintage Brass Oil Lanterns by Eli Griffith & Sons, a delightful find for collectors and admirers of maritime nostalgia. These lanterns embody the charm and craftsmanship synonymous with Eli Griffith & Sons, a respected name in the industry.

*lamp components have not been tested for functionality*

Crafted from solid brass, these lanterns exude timeless elegance and durability. The vintage patina adds character and authenticity to each piece, showcasing the history and stories they carry. The intricate details and meticulous construction are a testament to the quality and attention to detail associated with Eli Griffith & Sons.

Originally utilized as reliable light sources aboard ships, these oil lanterns bring a touch of seafaring romance to any setting. Whether displayed as unique décor pieces or functional lighting options, they create an ambiance reminiscent of bygone maritime eras.

Illuminate your space with the warm glow of these Vintage Brass Oil Lanterns by Eli Griffith & Sons. Experience the allure of the past and appreciate the enduring craftsmanship of these remarkable pieces that seamlessly blend history and aesthetic appeal.


Unwired with all of the original oil lamp components.


Depth: 5″
Width: 8.75″
Height: 15.75″ (20″ with handle)
Weight: 11 lbs each

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