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Large Anchor Grapnel 3′ 10″ Tall



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This listing is for a Vintage Grapnel Anchor 3′ 10″ Tall that has four tines. This style of anchor is also known as a Grappling Anchor and is a simple, traditional design. The first grapnel hook was invented by the Romans in 260 B.C. The simple grapnel hook designed back then was used for climbing, traversing, and most importantly to catch ship rigging and board enemy ships during naval warfare. Until the mid-20th century, most anchors were either scaled down versions of kedge/admiralty anchors or they were simple grapnel designs. Later on, the slightly more advanced version of the simple grapnel was designed and the Grapnel anchor/drag was born.

This particular anchor is made of cast iron and we acquired it from a private collector in Canada.


Height: 3′ 10″
Diameter: 33″
Weight:  101 lbs.

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