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You are looking at the FEINGERATEBAU K. FISCHER Barograph. The company was founded in October 1945 by aircraft engineer Kurt Fischer in a little village in the Erzgebirge named Drebach, Germany.  Since that time his company  have designed and created precise instruments for measuring weather and climate.

A barograph is a barometer that records the barometric pressure overtime in a graphical form. It also is used to make a continuous recording of atmospheric pressure. The barograph was invented in 1844 by a French Physicist, Lucien Vidie.

This Fischer barograph is in great condition.  On this barograph you will see at one end of the box is a storage tray.  In the tray when pulled out is extra charting paper.  This barogram is the Captains model. The two windows are made out of very durable plastic.  The wood case is in great shape. On the altitude and time chart drum you will see a date: 11-01-19. In between the altitude and time chart drum and the vacuum bellows you will find a plaque with FISCHER- EINGERATEBAU K. FISHER GmbH, DREBACH/ERZGEB. GERMANY, Type-207MQ and W 3634.  To open the lid you must slide the little knob on the side of the case to the right then lift open.

If you are looking for something different to add to your nautical collection, then this beautiful piece of nautical history is for you!


Box Width: 6″
Box Length: 12″
Base Length: 13.5″
Base Width: 7″
Total Height: 7″
Weight: 7.5 lbs.

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You will be shipped the Vintage Trio Meteorite Navigational Oil Lanterns shown in the photos.

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