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Vintage Hand Cranked Fog Horn In Wooden Box




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Our Vintage Hand Cranked Fog Horn In Wooden Box was made with precision and designed for maritime use. Encased in a sturdy wooden box, this relic was used for signaling in foggy conditions, it serves as a testament to the ingenuity of maritime navigation.

Operating the fog horn was straightforward: one blast indicated a Starboard Tack, two for the port tack, and three when wind was abaft the beam.

You will see in the photos, the box displays minor scratches, while the hand crank exhibits some fading of its stain, and the fog horn showcases some patina.

This Vintage Hand Cranked Fog Horn In Wooden Box serves as a distinctive decorative piece, seamlessly blending tradition with modern interior design. Whether enhancing a nautical-themed space or adding character to contemporary settings, it evokes a sense of adventure and nostalgia.

Rest assured, we’ve tested the fog horn, and it is fully functional.


Height: 15.34″
Length: 22″
Width: 7.34″
Weight: 18.5 Lbs.

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