Red’s Lakehouse in Marblehead, Ohio

Red's Lake House

Family Restaurant & Bar

Red’s Lakehouse opened their doors in June of 2023, where the Catawba community welcomed them with open arms. The restaurant/bar is located on the south side of the Marblehead Peninsula, where they serve both vacation travelers and local fisherman with a relaxed environment. During the summer, they will have live music — you can check out their calendar on their website – to find out exact dates for that.

Nautical Restaurant Decor

Restaurant owner, Gina Redinger, met us at the Catawba Island Boat Show a few years ago and fell in love with our items. Taking nautical creativity to the next level, Gina painted a handful of oars and then suspended them with rope vertically behind a couch in the restaurant. Alongside the oars, are some painted buoys to decorate the empty space in the staircase. If you live out in this area, or are just coming by to visit — make sure you stop out at Red’s Lake House for lunch after you visit Big Ship Salvage!