Post Mounted Neon Vrsar Brass Navigation Light



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Product Description

Imagine the sheer beauty of this large, Post Mounted Neon Vrsar Brass Navigation Light, gracefully placed in your outdoor space. This stunning piece has been salvaged from a once-working vessel and lovingly rewired for both commercial and residential use. Adorning the top of this light is the prominent inscription “Neon-Vrsar,” adding a touch of elegance to its already captivating presence.

These navigation lights play a crucial role in alerting other vessels to your positioning on the water. The striking red light indicates the port side of a boat, while the vibrant green light signifies the starboard side. Meanwhile, the luminous white light, typically mounted on the stern, is visible from all angles, ensuring maximum safety and visibility.

Crafted from solid brass, this post light exudes timeless appeal and durability. The clear Fresnel lens, though showcasing a few gentle chips and scattered scratches earned through its years of seafaring voyages, remains in decent condition, ready to cast its enchanting glow.

To access the bulb area, a simple loosening of the wing nut grants you entry, unveiling a world of radiant illumination. The wiring elegantly exits from the bottom of the light through the brass post, seamlessly integrating into its design.

Rest assured, this light has undergone meticulous re-wiring, incorporating brand-new UL-Listed parts that can handle any voltage under 250 volts. The bulb holder eagerly awaits a medium base bulb of 75 watts or less, or for a modern twist, you can opt for compact fluorescent bulbs or LED lights with an Edison base.


Height: 13 1/2″ (with wingnuts)
Diameter: 9 1/2″
Glass Height: 5 1/2″
Base Diameter: 6″
Weight: 19 lbs.

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