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NUNUTANI Seiki Magnetic Compass




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This is an authentic NUNUTANI Seiki Magnetic Compass which is in great working condition! In 1892, Founder ITARO NUNUTANI produced the first nautical magnetic compass in Japan. Its factory is located in OSAKA Japan. Magnetic compasses in navigation are used for determining direction on the surface of Earth by means of a magnetic pointer that aligns itself with Earth’s magnetic field.

This is compass is placed in a wood box.  This wood box comes with a carrying strap. On top of the box you will find a small plaque which is in Japanese but we think it says: Magnetic form, Manufacturing year 06-03, Osaka Futani Seiki Co.,Ltd. You will also see a small white container that holds the fluid for the compass.

On the rim of the compass you will see the name NUNOTANI. On the actual compass you will see the words NUNUTANI SEIKI K.K., OSAKA JAPAN.  Also, on the black base of the compass you will find two plaques which are also in Japanese. The first one reads read Magnetic compass LA Bon, Format KN-2190, shape, serial number and quantity.  The second one reads model approval number, manufacturing year 1985 and Osaka Futani Seiki Co., Ltd.

This is an impressive looking magnetic compass!   It would be a great addition to anyone’s nautical collection!


Compass Height: 6.5″
Glass Diameter: 8″
Compass Gimbal: 12″
Base: 4.75″
Weight: 23 lbs. (compass only)
Box Length: 13.75″
Width: 13.75″
Height: 8″
Weight: 29.5 lbs. (compass and box)

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