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Brass 1954 Poitevin-Duault Binnacle with Osaka Compass


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Brass 1954 Poitevin-Duault Binnacle with Osaka Compass

This Brass Poitevin-Duault Binnacle with Osaka Compass was manufactured in December of 1954. Established in 1827, the company manufactures marine compasses, magnetic compasses with electrical repeaters, thermocouple pyrometers, and other navigation apparatus. The company name Poitevin-Duault alludes to two location in France, Poitou and Duault. In many instances, this company appeared to seek out distributors in foreign countries for their partners. We found a few articles uploaded to Google Documents that were published by the United States, monitoring foreign investment in various countries. The POITEVIN DUAULT company was closed on January 26, 1998.

The brass Nunotaki Seiki Osaka Works compass on the inside is in great condition, besides the slightly foggy glass, with an azimuth circle fitted on top. The azimuth circle is not in the best condition but this is pictured in the gallery here.


Height: 53″
Width: 19.5″
Length: 32″
Base: 19.5″ x 19.5″
Weight: ???

The Brass 1954 Poitevin-Duault Binnacle with Osaka Compass shown in the photos will be shipped to you.

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