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Cassens & Plath Magnetic Compass




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This authentic CASSENS & Plath Magnetic Compass is in great working condition! CASSENS & Plath is a German company has been producing nautical navigation equipment for sailors all over the world for more than 100 years. Magnetic compasses in navigation are used for determining direction on the surface of Earth by means of a magnetic pointer that aligns itself with Earth’s magnetic field.

This is compass is placed in a wooden box.  On top of the box you will find a white paper that reads: W. Rudolph, VirchowstraBe 4-6, 2000 Hamburg 50, MS “ARBITRATOR/DGCR”, W. Richers GMBH & CO., Neuer Wandrahm 4 and 2000 Hamburg 11.

On the rim of the compass you will see the name CASSENS & Plath as well on the compass itself. Also, on the bottom part (white section) there are many stickers, one in particular says Filled With Cassens & Plath Compass Fluid 39012.

This would be a great item to add to your nautical collection!


Compass Thickness: 4.5″
Glass Diameter: 8.25″
Compass Gimbal: 12″
Base: 9.5″
Weight: 24.5 lbs. (compass only)
Box Length: 15.5″
Width: 15.5″
Height: 6.5″
Weight: 31 lbs. (compass and box)

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