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Vintage “Reverse” Binnacle – Private Collector




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This reverse binnacle, as I discovered through my research, is a specialized variation of a traditional binnacle used for housing a ship’s compass. It has a unique design that deviates from the standard configuration.

Unlike a regular binnacle that positions the compass in front of the helmsman, a reverse binnacle places the compass behind the helmsman or navigator. This reverse positioning allows for improved visibility and ease of access, especially when navigating in challenging conditions or maneuvering through narrow channels.

The reverse binnacle is designed to enhance navigation accuracy by providing a clear line of sight from the helmsman’s position to the compass, making it easier to read and interpret heading information. This innovative configuration ensures that the navigator can maintain a steady course and make precise adjustments when required.

With its specialized design and functionality, the reverse binnacle offers a distinct advantage to sailors and yachtsmen who prioritize optimal navigation performance. It combines the reliability and precision of a traditional binnacle with the added benefit of improved visibility and accessibility, ultimately enhancing the overall sailing experience.


Height: 19″
Width: 17″
Length: 21″
Weight: 20~?

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