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Vintage Non-Functional Lensatic Magnetic Compass




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This is a Vintage Non-Functional Lensatic Magnetic Compass. The U.S. Military prefers to use lensatic compasses because of their precision and accuracy. The lensatic design allows for more precise readings, as the user can align the sighting wire with the center of the compass card to take an accurate bearing. The metal housing also provides added durability in rugged field conditions. Additionally, a lensatic compass typically has a higher degree of accuracy when it comes to measuring angles and taking bearings. The mil system is used by the military as it is more precise than the degree system and more accurate for navigation.

Another great piece of Military history to add to your collection.


Steel Box: 3″ long
Width: 2.25″
Compass Glass Diameter: 1.75″
Weight: 1 oz.

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