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Salvaged 1964 Brass Osaka Works Binnacle

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This is a Salvaged 1964 Brass Osaka Works Binnacle, a piece of maritime history that has been rescued from being lost forever. The binnacle housing, as well as the original compass before it was replaced, was crafted in Osaka, Japan by the renowned Osaka Nunotani Seiki Company. The story of this company dates back to 1892 when its founder, Itaro Nunotani, set out to fulfill his desire to produce magnetic compasses in Japan. Despite the passage of time and the evolution of technology, the Nunotani Compass Factory continues to manufacture high-quality nautical equipment, and is still providing services to people all over the world.

The original compass in this binnacle must have been lost or damaged over time, and as a result, it has been replaced with a beautiful brass Cassens and Plath compass. Adding to the functionality of the binnacle, a sestrel clinometer has also been added to its housing over the years. The presence of these two instruments makes this binnacle a unique and valuable addition to any maritime collection.

Despite its age and history, this binnacle is not without its flaws. The arms of the binnacle show significant oxidation, which is evident from the photographs. This is a testament to the binnacle’s longevity and use at sea, and it adds to its character and charm. Overall, this Salvaged 1964 Brass Osaka Works Binnacle is a rare and fascinating item that provides a glimpse into the rich history of nautical navigation.


Height: 48″
Width: 16″
Length: 30″
Base Diameter: 17″

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