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Vintage Brass GE Lifeboat Compass




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Introducing the Vintage Brass GE Lifeboat Compass, securely housed within a protective binnacle to shield it from the elements. Its compact size serves a purpose—it was made for emergency use on lifeboats. In contrast to larger, non-portable compasses found on boats, this compact version ensures quick and efficient navigation during crucial moments.

The gimbaled compass freely moves within its housing, showcasing distinctive markings on the rim: EF. GE. 5-63. While the compass housing is in good condition, it’s worth noting a slight dent on the top of the oil chamber cap.

This authentic piece, though bearing minor imperfections, appeals to those who appreciate genuine vintage items. Consider this compass for a unique and practical addition to your nautical collection, or even as a conversation piece in modern interior design.


Height: 8.5″
Glass Diameter: 4″
Base: 8.34″
Width: 13.5″
Compass Glass: 4″
Weight: 6.5 lbs.

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