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Salvaged WW2 M1910A1 Azimuth Scope

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The M1910A1 azimuth scope, also known as the Mark 10 Mod 0, was developed during World War II and was used by the U.S. Navy on various ships and coastal artillery. The scope was designed to be used with a sextant and a stopwatch to measure the angle of a target relative to the ship’s position, allowing for more accurate naval gunfire.

The scope features a high-quality optical system and precision mechanics, making it a reliable and durable tool for naval navigation and warfare. The M1910A1 azimuth scope was used extensively in the Pacific Theater during World War II and played a critical role in the success of many naval battles.

After the war, the scope was phased out of active service but many were kept in reserve or sold as surplus. This particular scope was obtained from a private collector whose father lived in Virginia and collected nautical antiques over the years. It is likely that this scope was used at a coastal base in Virginia during the war, which makes it a unique and valuable piece of history.


Width: 9.5″
Length: 24″
Height: 11″

This does not ship with a stand. It is the azimuth scope by itself.

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