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Kenyon by Sestrel Lifeboat Compass - Made in England


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Kenyon by Sestrel Lifeboat Compass

This Kenyon by Sestrel Lifeboat Compass is in its as-found white paint. The reason that these compasses are called lifeboat compasses is because of their portability – they were easy to grab and take in case of an emergency. Usually kept away for safe keeping until the moment arose and action was needed quickly. This is a Sestrel brand compass – made by the Henry Browne & Sons company.

However, this is a very unique compass. Searching the names on the compass bear almost no results. Kenyon seems to have been a model that only lasted for a short period of time. The box that this compass is housed in, must have been a custom box as well. There are interesting locking mechanisms on the top of the box.


Box Height: 13.75″
Box Width & Length: 11.4″
Glass Diameter: 6″
Compass Height: 12″
Weight: 18 lbs.

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