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C.Plath Binnacle with Cassens and Plath Magnetic Compass


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C.Plath Binnacle with Cassens and Plath Magnetic Compass

This C.Plath Binnacle with Cassens and Plath Magnetic Compass is a rare find you don’t see every day! It is full-sized wooden, brass and copper C.Plath binnacle with a Cassens & Plath type 11 Steering Compass with gimbaled bracket. The front brass plaque and inclinometer of this are marked C.Plath Hamburg Germany. The C.Plath company was originally founded in Hamburg in 1837, around that time they concentrated on the manufacture of sextants, magnetic compasses, binnacles and barometers. The compass is Cassens & Plath which was founded in 1902 in Bremen, Germany. The two Companies were in a partnership from 1908 until 1962.

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The binnacle measures 69 1/2″ tall x 16″ across. The wood base is 20” x 20” square. The binnecal weights approximately 190 lbs. There are two iron correcting spheres mounted to each side that measure 3 feet from end to end. The copper hood is 8” tall x 15” wide. The octagonal pedestal has its original teak wood. The inclinometer mounted on the front of the pedestal, which measures the tilt of the vessel, has the original brass casing and liquid filled tube. The interior under the compass has a small metal plate which says: C.Plath Navigation Automation, 2486-0115-01, type: 2486, SER.-NO: 5082, and Made in West Germany.

The Cassens & Plath magnetic compass is an irreplaceable basic of every ship as they can function independently of electric power supply and satellite reception. The Compass is mounted to the pedestal with a gimbaled bracket. This is an original liquid filled Cassens & Plath magnetic compass. The compass housing is 10 inches wide and about 4 1/2 inches tall. The gimbal ring is 12 inches wide. The compass is fully functional.

This beautiful C.Plath Binnacle with Cassens & Plath magnetic compass is indeed one of those nautical treasures that will add the final touch to your nautical collection.

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