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Pair of Two Replica Brass Ship's Lanterns Pendant or Desk Lighting


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Pair of Two Replica Brass Ship’s Lanterns

We recently came into possession of this pair of two solid brass replica  ship’s lanterns that are in great condition and have been rewired for use as a pendant light. However, if you prefer, we can rewire this to be used as a desk lantern. Despite being replicas, these lights have a fantastic brass nautical feel to their style. Touch up your nautically themed room with this pair of brass electric lanterns!


Height: 13 3/4 inches
Diameter: 7.125″
Mounting Diameter: 5.125″
Weight: 9.1 lbs.
Chain Length: As is, this will hang down a few 4 1/2 feet from the ceiling. We can custom fit this with a longer length if you want – it might just add a day onto the shipping time.

The original wiring has been removed from this pendant light and this item has been rewired with UL-Listed parts, rated for 10-250 volts. To access the globe socket, simply twist the bolts to the left to loosen the lid, then lift it.

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