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SAILBOAT MODEL Bluenose II Sail Boat Large 6ft Tall

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Bluenose II Wooden Sailboat model

This is a large boat model that was used as decor in a Charleston, SC restaurant. It is in good condition and would look great in an office or as a center piece in any home of a sailboat enthusiast. It is large, over 6 ft tall and 6 ft. long. It is a model of the Bluenose II. It is a bit dusty and the sails will need some cleaning, but otherwise all the parts are there.  It comes with a stand and all the sails.

**Personal pick up would be recommended.

Bluenose II is a replica of the fishing schooner Bluenose, was commissioned by Sidney Culverwell Oland and built in 1963 as a promotional yacht for Oland Brewery. Sidney Oland donated the schooner to Nova Scotia in 1971 and it became Nova Scotia‘s sailing ambassador.

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