Cast Iron Valve Wheels-Watertight Door Wheels : P12

We love to play around with off-the-wall authentic nautical antique items. These cast iron valve wheels-watertight door wheels come in many different sizes and shapes. Some still have remnants of paint on them – with more than one layer!
While we are salvaging large vessels being cut up for scrap, we find it hard to resist claiming the cast iron valve wheels-watertight door wheels.
A couple thoughts come to mind. Clean them up a little and enjoy the nautical salvaged look. Or add a little fresh paint, and make paperweights out of the small ones. In addition, they make nice wall displays!
Steampunk artists have a million different projects that could start or end with one of these iron wheels.
Finally, order one or a bunch – we have a simple checkout system, or you can call us at 574-870-1571 or email us at [email protected]

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