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Heavy Weathered Wood Block Pulley




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Product Description

This is the Heavy Weathered Wood Block Pulley, a rugged relic that served on an oil rig. Clearly showing its wear and tear, the wood exhibits areas where it’s coming off, and the steel components display rust in certain places. Previous paintwork, evident in the remaining patches captured in the photos, adds to its weathered appearance.

Notably, the pulley’s eye part features a metal tag inscribed with “RIG 2,” “Retriever Block,” and “Deck.” Both the eye and sheave boast a construction of steel.

This item appeals to enthusiasts of genuinely vintage wood pulleys, offering an authentic, weathered aesthetic that narrates its industrial past.


Total Length: 23″
Width: 11″
Thickness: 6.5″
Center of the Eye: 3″
Weight: 69 lbs.

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