Heavy Weathered Wood Block Pulley



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Product Description

You are looking at the Heavy Weathered Wood Block Pulley.   This pulley was used on an oil rig and you can see that it is pretty beat up!   The wood is coming off in some areas and the steel is rusty in other areas. It was painted by someone in the past and as you can tell by the photos some of the paint is still on the pulley.

On the eye part of the pulley is a metal tag that has RIG 2, Retriever Block, and Deck on it.  The eye and the sheave are made out of steel.

This item would be a great fit for someone who likes the real vintage-looking wood pulleys!


Total Length: 23″
Width: 11″
Thickness: 6.5″
Center of the Eye: 3″
Weight: 69 lbs.

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