Authentic Brass Pressure Gauges : P15

Scroll down the page to check out our collection of authentic brass pressure gauges. While some of our brass pressure gauges have been polished and cleaned up for your decoration purposes, a few of them are being sold in their as-found condition. We hope that you can find the perfect pressure gauge for the project of your dreams. If you’re interested in placing an order, you can use our easy checkout system, call us at 574-870-1571 or send us an email.

Using Brass Pressure Gauges as Decoration
If you’re looking for an item to add some nautical flair and authenticity to the room, look no further! These authentic brass pressure gauges are perfect for home décor. Whether you’re hanging the pressure gauge on the wall, or you’re incorporating it into a steampunk project, these gauges will not disappoint. They are the real deal. We have worked with steampunk artists who’ve put together incredible creative projects – be sure to google search what you can do with these brass pressure gauges and a little imagination!

About Our Antique Brass Pressure Gauges
Gauges with plastic housing are getting more common. However, there’s just no substitute for the rich gleam of antique brass. Some of our gauges listed here will be listed as cast iron, and it should be obvious for you to see which one is which. Our selection of antique pressure gauges spans a wide variety of gauge types – from steam gauges to shaft revolution indicators. Currently, we have some brass pressure gauges that are from Great Lakes ships. They won’t last long, so don’t miss out on this unique piece of history!

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