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Boxed Vintage Walker’s Cherub III Ship-Log




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This is a Boxed Vintage Walker’s Cherub III Ship-Log.  This was made in Birmingham, England by Thos. Walker & Sons Ltd. Thomas Ferdinand Walker first patented the Cherub log in 1878 . It was one of the first logs in which the recorder was placed on board the ship rather than being part of the rotor. The Walker Cherub Taffrail log was designed so that the log did not have to be hauled in every time a reading was required.

The writing on top of the box has been left intact as it shows this was from

The wood container has two black coated taffrails with attached ropes, two extra pieces of round glass, a small can of solidified oil, and a Walker’s Cherub III Ship-Log.  On the inside of the lid you will also find directions for fitting, for hauling in the log, for oiling, the length of the line, showing that a governor wheel should be used, lastly how to adjust and examine the bearings.

On the Ship -Log itself you will see Walker’s Cherub III Ship-Log'(Patented) Trade Mark, Made in England, the company’s name and street address. Underneath that it says Use Walker’s Solidified Oil and Unscrew.  This ship-log is very weathered and very greasy.

A taffrail log was a nautical instrument used to determine a vessel’s speed, or knots, through the water.


Taffrail Length: 39″ each
Ship Log: 9.25″ long
Ship Log Face Diameter: 3″
Box Length: 19″
Box Width: 11″
Height: 5.75″
Total Weight: 19.5 lbs.

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