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Weathered Life Vest-Saginaw Bay

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You are looking at a Weathered Life Vest-Saginaw Bay. Saginaw Bay is a bay within Lake Huron located on the eastern side of the Michigan. It forms the space between Michigan’s thumb region and the rest of the lower peninsula of Michigan.

We don’t know if this came off of a boat in that area or it was just stamped with Saginaw Bay. But there are some markings on this life vest such as:

*Adult AF 500 Model 3 , Gladding Corp. Flotation Div. Greenville S.C.
*Passed U.S. Coast Guard, Mar. 26 1980RJM Buffalo, N.Y.
*Inspected and Passed 1970 USCG

We did try to clean it up the best we could with soap and water.   This item will be sold as-is.

If you are looking for a life vest from the Great Lakes to add to your collection then this one is for you!


Length: 24″
Width: 47″ opened up
Weight: 2.7 lbs.


You will be shipped the Weathered Life Vest-Saginaw Bay shown in the photos.

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