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G.M Steinbrenner Life Vest-Weathered




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You are looking at a G.M Steinbrenner Life Vest-Weathered. Steinbrenner was a freighter that was first known as the John Sherwin and it was built in 1906. It was used to transport bulk cargoes such as coal, iron ore, and grain. From 1910 to 1913 the Sherwin was inactive, but she was sold at an auction to the Lackawanna Steamship Company of Cleveland, Ohio.

In 1958 she was renamed Saturn to free up the name John Sherwin. Then in 1959 the Saturn was sold to the Kinsman Transit Company of Cleveland, Ohio, and renamed George  M. Steinbrenner.

In 1969 the George M. Steinbrenner was then renamed Kinsman Ventur. She served from her launching in 1906 to her scrapping in 1974, in Germany.

Many markings/stamps on this life vest show it passed the United States Coast Guard approval.  Many of the stamps are unreadable but it looks like the first stamp of approval was in 1960.  You can see some of the stampings in the photos. You can also tell that this life vest is very weathered!  In one area it is torn and it is very dirty. We did try to clean it up the best we could with soap and water.

This G.M Steinbrenner Life Vest-Weathered would be a great addition to any nautically themed room!

This item will be sold as-is.


Length: 19″
Width: 47″ when fully opened
Weight: 4.5 lbs.

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