Some Big Rope….

I was able to recover some old website photos. These two photos always generated some of the best comments! I picked this load up at a shipyard in Jacksonville, Florida and hauled it to our old warehouse in northwest Indiana. I never put a yard stick next to it, but the guys loading it claimed this single piece was over 4,000 feet long. Two things I AM sure about:  The dry weight was over 3 pounds per foot, and it was not dry when I hauled it home. I am also sure that someone was looking over me on that 1,000 mile drive back to Indiana. I watched several cars pass me on the interstate and then slow down and start taking pictures of the large rope that could have easily been mistaken for a large tropical snake. Along the way as I fueled the over worked truck, many curious on-lookers had to walk over and touch the rope – it was truly a site to be seen. Our good friend from the Rope Locker in Felton, Delaware even made the trip over to Indiana so he could get a section of this large rope. If you are looking for a piece of this large rope, I am sorry to tell you it is all gone. Apparently a lot of people wanted a short piece of this large rope.