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Salvaged Sound Powered Telephone | CCCP dated 1982




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This Salvaged Sound Powered Telephone is a fascinating piece of military technology that hails from the Cold War era. Photographed is the plate which dates this Russian polished aluminum telephone to 1982.

Unlike traditional phones that rely on electricity or batteries to function, the sound powered phone is powered entirely by sound waves. This unique feature makes it an essential tool for military personnel in remote or rugged environments, where access to electricity or batteries may be limited or unavailable. The phone’s rugged design and high-quality audio make it ideal for communication in noisy or challenging environments, and its reliability ensures that it will always be available when it’s needed most.

Please note that we have not tested the working condition of this ship’s phone. This phone is being sold as a decorative item, not a working one. But even though it may not be functional, it still is a unique and valuable piece of maritime history that can be appreciated for its aesthetic and historical value.

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Length: 21.75″
Width: 10.75″
Extends from Wall: 8.5″
Weight: 28 lbs

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