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Vintage Telos Krakow Polish Sound Powered Telephone




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Product Description

Introducing the vintage Telos Krakow sound-powered telephone, a rugged communication device that was widely used in the Polish military and civil defense systems during the Cold War era. This unique telephone is designed to operate in extreme environments where normal power sources are unavailable or unreliable, making it an ideal solution for emergency situations.

With its advanced piezoelectric technology, the telephone converts sound energy into electrical energy, providing reliable communication in areas with no electrical infrastructure. The large, easy-to-grip handle and durable metal body ensure that the telephone can withstand harsh conditions and can function even in nautical environments. The metal plate on the front reads: Aparat Wspolpracujacy Verkehr Mit Cobmegtho Pabotaiounn Annapai. The bottom of the plaque says made in Poland.

*Please note that the working condition of the Telos Krakow sound-powered telephone is unknown.*

This vintage telephone is being sold as a collector’s item and may require restoration or repair to be fully operational. Own a piece of history with this rare vintage telephone, and experience the technology that kept people connected during the most challenging of times.


Length: 14.5″
Width: 5.5″
Extends: 7″
Weight: 13.5 lbs.

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