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Brass Ship’s Bell ‘Fort Reliance 1986’

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Introducing the Brass Ship’s Bell ‘Fort Reliance 1986’, a historic bell in it’s own right. The story of this vessel is captivating and will be your favorite story to tell. Built in Scotland in 1986 by the Ferguson Brothers (unknown as to whether this was before/after the merger with Ailsa Shipbuilding Company). This vessel was originally designed to be used for Antarctic surveying trips, the ‘Fort Reliance’ was ice strengthened for Antarctic surveying work and carried fire fighting equipment. In 1989, it was renamed the Caroboo. It continued to serve as a supply ship for Antarctic surveying trips until it was sold/rented to a community known as “Droit de Parole” which means free speech in french. With funding from the European Community, they were able to launch Radio Brod. (Radio Boat) and renamed the Fort Reliance to Droit de Parole.

In 1992, A number of journalists from former Yugoslavian state radio and television services, as well as newspapers which were no longer able to publish, fled the country and settled in Paris. They made contact with a number of French humanitarian and libertarian groups and decided that to establish a radio station broadcasting from outside Yugoslavia in order to provide an impartial news and information service.

“Radio Brod-manned by Croats, Muslims and Serbs who zap all of former Yugoslavia with 24 hours of music and uncensored news-is the idea of a former Montenegran newspaper editor, Dragica Ponorac, now based in Paris. Ponorac approached Droit de Parole, a French charity established to help independent media in Yugoslavia. Droit de Parole got funding from the European Community-about $2.25 million every three months, including the rental of a 220-foot refitted Antarctic survey ship.” – Chicago Tribune, 1993

In 1994, Radio Brod was forced to close after it lost funding from it’s main source, the European Commission. The Droit de Parole was sold to Veesea, renamed the Veesea Pearl, and used as a safety standby vessel in the North Sea oil industry.

She was sold in 2000 to Seahorse in Cork, Ireland, renamed the Pearl, and served as a multi purpose vessel.

In 2016 she was sold again to the Karpower Ship Co., renamed Karadeniz Powership Remzi Bey and sailed as an offshore tug/supply ship until being decommissioned in 2020.

This bell is in beautiful shape, and the bright shine of the brass will be sure to start a conversation among friends and family. Bring the charm of the sea to your home with this Brass Ship’s Bell ‘Corona’.


Bell Diameter: 11.75″
Bell Height: 10.75″ (12.5″ with dangle)
Weight: 25 lbs.

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