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Vintage Fishing And Rice Paddy Boat – *Local Pick-Up Only*





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Product Description:

Presenting the Vintage Fishing and Rice Paddy Boat—a captivating glimpse into the rich cultural and historical tapestry of Chinese craftsmanship. Deeply rooted in tradition, this boat offers a unique perspective on its vital role in the agricultural landscape, serving both fishing and navigating through the rice paddy fields.

Crafted from wood that narrates a story of time and tradition, each boat proudly bears the marks of a bygone era, displaying a weathered yet enduring beauty. The intricacies of their design pay homage to the skilled hands that breathed life into these vessels, serving as a testament to the artistry woven into Chinese maritime history.

Notably, this boat features areas where individuals might have sat, adding a personal touch to its history.

Enhance your outdoor space with a touch of historical charm by repurposing it as a unique addition to a flower bed or as a striking statement piece in a vegetable garden.


Length: 84 3/4″
Width: 22 1/2″ at the widest
Depth: 12″
Base Length: 62″
Base Width: 15 1/2″

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