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Boxed Vintage CASSENS & PLATH Ship-Log

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This is a Boxed Vintage CASSENS & PLATH Ship-Log.  The company was founded in Bremen in 1902 by Captain Tanne Janssen Cassens. A Ship-Log is an instrument for measuring the speed of a ship through water.

The wood container has two black coated taffrails(Propellers) with attached ropes, one log watch with deck shoe, a regulator wheel and the ship-log.  On the Ship-Log face you will find the word SHIP-LOG AIKOKU and on the box is the name of a manufacturing company STEGER JR. Kiel.

Everything in the box is in pretty good condition.  You can see that one of the taffrails and the wheel itself is still wrapped up in plastic. The log is in descent shape with some wear on it, and the deck shoe looks good.  The box has seen better days.  There is a pretty good crack on one side and the bottom is unstable.

If you are looking for a nautical item that has a vintage look to it then this is it.   A great piece to add to your nautical collection!


Taffrail Length: 47″ each
Ship Log: 9 1/2″ long
Ship Log Face Diameter: 2 3/4″
Wheel Diameter: 10″
Box Length: 20″
Box Width: 13 1/4″”
Height: 6 1/2″”
Total Weight: 22.5 lbs.

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