Authentic Nautical Rope Ladders - P11

Authentic nautical rope ladders have many different names, including   “Pilot Ladder” or “Jacob’s Ladder”.  They have that true nautical look no matter what you call them!  And the first thing most people think of when they see a ladder like this is a pirate boarding a ship!
Our authentic nautical rope ladders have been recovered from the decks of real vessels. Some of these ladders can be as long as 100 feet when we find them!  Some cleaning is done before we list them here, but you may find it necessary to do a little more cleaning up depending on your project use.
These ladders can attach to the wall many different ways. Most people use two 90 degree shelf brackets on each step.  They are quite sturdy.  Additionally, they can be used for the kids’ bunk beds or treehouse.
Furthermore, we have a great selection of ladders in stock.

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