Over our years of working with Nautical Salvage and Antiques, we’ve had the opportunity to research a number of very interesting products. Sometimes these products can take quite a long time to research because we scour the internet looking for the name of a company, only to find hints of information! It’s clear that these companies existed, as we can find trade catalogs and addresses for former storefronts. Unfortunately, the history of some of these companies has washed away because they closed down before the internet could document it more.

On this page, we plan to compile a list of notable American Nautical Companies, with as much information as we can find on them! This is not a complete list, we will be updating this as we have to do more research!

If you have any information on a company listed here that you would like to contribute, please reach out to [email protected]!

Alphabetical List of Companies We’ve Had to Research (ongoing list)