Big Ship Salvage Sets Sail for Fun at the Vermilion Fish Festival

The Vermilion Fish Festival, a beloved summer event celebrating the rich maritime heritage, is about to become even more captivating with the addition of Big Ship Salvage. This renowned company specializing in maritime salvage and vintage ship items has partnered with the festival to showcase their impressive collection. With their tent filled with fascinating nautical artifacts and treasures, Big Ship Salvage promises to make this weekend’s festival an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Exploring Nautical History:

Step into the tent of Big Ship Salvage at the Vermilion Fish Festival and embark on a journey through time. Their curated collection of nautical artifacts will transport visitors to the golden era of seafaring. From ship wheels to portholes, compasses to lanterns, each item carries its own unique story, offering a glimpse into the fascinating history of maritime adventures. Dive into the enchanting world of maritime heritage and discover the hidden treasures waiting to be admired.

Preserving the Past:

Big Ship Salvage not only presents these captivating artifacts but also emphasizes the importance of preserving maritime history. Through their educational displays and knowledgeable staff, they aim to inspire a sense of appreciation for the rich heritage and significance of seafaring culture. By showcasing the salvaged ship items, Big Ship Salvage ensures that these relics are not forgotten but instead given a second life.


The Vermilion Fish Festival, in partnership with Big Ship Salvage, promises to be an extraordinary event that celebrates maritime heritage. With their tent filled with an impressive collection of nautical artifacts, Big Ship Salvage offers festival-goers a chance to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of seafaring history. So, come and explore the captivating nautical treasures at the Vermilion Fish Festival, and let Big Ship Salvage transport you to a bygone era of adventure and maritime culture.