Behind the Bags: Transforming Salvaged Flags into Functional Totes

Ahoy there! Welcome to our nautical wonderland, where old flags from decommissioned ships find new life as the breathtaking “Flote” – the nautical flag tote. The backstory for these “Flotes” starts with a chance encounter between Kelly Unger and Kate Conley. United by their passion for therapy dogs and creative thinking, they set sail on a mission to give these retired flags a purpose beyond the seas.

Each “Flote” is a labor of love, taking several hours to create. From the initial cleaning process to measuring and cutting patterns, Kate meticulously crafts every piece by hand. The result? A unique, one-of-a-kind tote that’s not just a bag but a true piece of fabric art. As these flags were once hardworking sailors, not all parts can be repurposed, making each “Flote” truly special.

Imagine gifting your loved ones something as unique as they are, a symbol of appreciation for the beauty in life’s journey. Our “Flote” comes with a signed note and is aptly named after the flag that brings it to life. These totes feature internal zippered pockets and sturdy, reinforced seams, ensuring they stand the test of time on every adventure – be it an everyday errand or a thrilling boating trip.

Step into a world where creativity meets sustainability, and where every piece tells a story of its own. Join us on this journey of reinventing the past, giving old flags a new purpose, and embracing the uniqueness that makes life so extraordinary.