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Stainless Steel Nautical Pendant Light With Brass Down Rod

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Here we have a stainless steel nautical pendant light with a brass down rod. Are you looking to redecorate your house or business with a nautical theme? This salvaged nautical pendant light is the perfect addition to fit your needs. This large light will be the masterpiece to bring the rest of your décor to life! We’ve seen customers purchase them to hang in their garage, basement, or even restaurants.

We can also create a custom length down rod for this light allowing you to have an exact height for your project.  Custom work costs a little extra but could make all the difference for you.


Length: 29.5″ (base to ceiling flange)
Width: 17.5″ in diameter
Glass Lens: 14.5″ in diameter
Ceiling Flange:  4″ in diameter with 4 mounting holes
Weight: 15 lbs.
Brass Down Rod Length: 12″

We have added UL-listed wiring and a porcelain bulb fixture.  Rated for 250 or fewer volts.  The bulb fixture will accept a medium base bulb of 100 watts or less.

To access the bulb fixture, the ring around the glass has six flip latches.  These open and close a bit tight because we’ve replaced the old gasket with a new one.

You will be shipped a Stainless Steel Nautical Pendant Light like the one shown in the photos.

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